Service Offerings

Service Offerings currently include Chiropractic, Soft Tissue Work, Breath Training, Personally Prescribed Postural Exercises, Nutritional Support, Yoga or Pilates.  More detailed information about these services is available below.  You can also select the specific drop-down tab for information regarding the specific service offering you want to read more about. Thanks!


Chiropractic Care:  My chiropractic practice, Light Within Chiropractic, is located within Spark Wellness at 5603 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55417, next door to First Course and Kowalski’s Market.  Patient preference and comfort strongly informs my treatment style.  I am happy to meet you where you are in your level of comfort with different techniques from dynamic manual adjusting to light force techniques… it’s YOUR adjustment after all!

After a thorough assessment, custom tailored chiropractic adjusting techniques are applied specifically chosen based on your preference and presentation.  Some possible treatment options include manual “hands-on” diversified adjusting, pelvic blocking, drop piece, activator and other light force procedures.  Adjustments can be performed to any restricted joint in the body, including the spine as well as along the arms and legs all the way down to the fingers and toes!

My practice is “self-pay” or “insurance free”.  This allows me to better serve you by spending more of my time and energy on direct patient care and health promotion and less on paperwork and phone calls with insurance companies.   Not having a large office staff to process all of the insurance paperwork also allows me to keep my rates lower.

$100 Initial Chiropractic Visit – lasts about 1 hour (more or less depending on complexity).  This visit includes a discussion of health history, a physical exam including range of motion and postural assessment, orthopedic and neurological screening tests and a hands-on examination of the area of concern.  At this point I review the exam findings and treatment plan with you and unless there are any concerning factors requiring imaging or referral, some muscle work and chiropractic adjustment are administered.

$40 Basic Routine Chiropractic Visit – focused on addressing your specific concern within the basic 15 minute appointment window.  The Basic visit may include full spinal adjusting with some limited muscle work, or a treatment session focused specifically on an extremity (arm/leg) or a region of the spine with more extensive muscle work.

  • when booking a chiropractic session, additional appointment time may be added on at the time of booking (or at the time of the appointment, if the schedule allows) for $20/15 minutes up to the first hour.
  • $40 for first 15 minutes of chiropractic care, $60 for first 30 minutes, $80 for first 45 minutes and $100/hour.  Beyond the first hour, pricing then moves to $100/hour rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Additional time can be added to chiropractic care visits as outlined above to include breath training, personally prescribed postural exercises or nutritional support sessions services as well.  Booking at least a 1 hour total visit ($100 – chiropractic basic visit + 45 minutes) for the first session adding any of these services is recommended.

This system of pricing and scheduling puts the control in your hands as to how much time and money you would like to spend on particular goals.  I will always give recommendations as to what I think will give you the best results, but the choice is always made by the CEO of your health… YOU!

Please contact me with any questions you have about chiropractic care, the services I offer or how to book in for an appointment by email at or by phone at 612.321.6913.  You can also schedule an appointment for chiropractic care with me online by clicking this link.


Soft Tissue Work:  The muscles, tendons and fascia all impact your structure and your ability to move freely and comfortably.  If there is soft tissue involvement in your presentation it is very helpful to include soft tissue work in your treatment for best results.  Soft tissue work can include some massage like strokes, holding pressure over knots (trigger point work), rolling out muscles with a roller stick, cross-friction massage to bring fresh blood flow and to break up old knotted tissue (Graston/Gua Sha), and hands on active and myofascial release work where different contacts are held and you may move parts of your body through different ranges.


Breath Training:  Years spent singing in several professional choirs, training and experience as a yoga and Pilates teacher and chiropractic education and practice all inform this approach to learning to breathe more fully from all of your lung space.  Better breathing is something that you can practice anywhere and at any time without any special equipment.  Breathing well can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve stress handling, increase energy, enhance physical performance and improve overall vitality!  Refining your understanding of the breath and learning how to make this health enhancing practice part of your daily life is very beneficial to all people!


Personally Prescribed Postural and Rehabilitative Exercises:  Yoga postures, Pilates exercises, postural and rehabilitative exercises are chosen based upon your concerns and presentation.  Postural awareness exercises may also be given.  Better posture helps you to feel and look better! Commit to aging gracefully and preventing postural imbalances by choosing to learn how to lovingly care for your physical form.


Nutritional Support:  If you are looking for practical ways to determine what sort of diet and supplementation best support you and your goals, then nutritional support sessions are for you!  The recommendations provided establish whole, nutrient dense foods as your base of support, then fill in with supplementation as indicated.  My thought process involving nutrition is informed by Weston A. Price Foundation, the GAPS diet, low inflammatory and low allergenic potential food choices and Paleo/Primal – ish diets with an emphasis on lots of plant material and organic/pastured/humanely raised/locally sourced food as much as possible.  Whether you are embarking on an elimination diet to identify potential food sensitivities or are looking to build a basic healthy nutritional foundation for you and your family, you will find the support that you seek.


Yoga:  Yoga can take many forms and is definitely a very versatile discipline.  Whether you are looking for a way to physically balance your body, the ability to get off the hectic mental treadmill, or a greater sense of connection to the Divine, yoga has many gifts to offer you.  Classes that I teach range from luxurious and restful restorative classes to challenging creatively sequenced vinyasa flows.  Regardless of what style I am teaching, there is always an emphasis on safe alignment and individualized modification as well as breathing and awareness exercises.  I make it a priority to end every class with a nourishing relaxation so that you can truly draw in all of the benefits of your practice.

Yoga is truly for every body.  Where you are now is always the best starting place for where you want to go.  The challenge often lies in finding the style and teacher that best suit you.

I am currently teaching yoga classes at Spark Wellness on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30am as well as the occasional Friday evening Happy Hour Yoga class.  I am also available for personal yoga instruction, yoga parties, corporate stress reduction/wellness training, breathing and meditation instruction.


Pilates:  Pilates is an excellent discipline for bringing balance to the body.  Pilates, like yoga, can be custom tailored to each individual.  This is one of the reasons why it has so many wide applications, from rehabilitating injuries to training elite level athletes, providing strength and confidence to new moms after the birth of their baby to helping seniors to stay active in a fun and mentally stimulating way.  In all Pilates sessions I teach, the focus is on safe alignment and individualized modification as well as breathing and awareness exercises.

I am currently teaching Pilates group reformer classes, solo and duet sessions at New Movement Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I am also available for personal Pilates instruction and Pilates parties at “in home” settings.

If you have any questions about Pilates or any of the services that I offer, please contact me at or call me at 612.321.6913.  You can also register for a Pilates group class, solo or duet with me online at New Movement Pilates.