Pilates is an excellent discipline for bringing balance to the body.  Pilates, like yoga, can be custom tailored to each individual.  This is one of the reasons why it has so many wide applications, from rehabilitating injuries to training elite level athletes, providing strength and confidence to new moms after the birth of their baby to helping seniors to stay active in a fun and mentally stimulating way.  In all Pilates sessions I teach, the focus is on safe alignment and individualized modification as well as breathing and awareness exercises.

I am currently teaching Pilates Tuesday evenings at New Movement Pilates, with limited afternoon availability for solos and duets and 5:45pm and 7pm Pilates Playground small group classes.  I am also available for personal Pilates instruction and Pilates parties at “in home” settings.

If you have any questions about Pilates or any of the services that I offer, please contact me at marthadesantedc@gmail.com or call me at 612.321.6913.  You can also register for a Pilates group class, solo or duet with me online at New Movement Pilates.